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Affordable Pet Dental Program

The Best Dental Care For Your Pet At The Very Best Price!

Dental Cleanings and Dental X-Rays for $179.99

Before and After
Dog Before and After

Dog Teeth

The X-ray on the left shows an abscessed tooth root.  Without dental x-rays this severe disease process would have gone unnoticed.  The x-ray on the right shows how untreated dental disease can cause destruction of the bone around the root resulting in a fractured jaw bone.

What does this price include?

1) Pre-Surgical Examination
2) IV Catheter and Fluids during the procedure
3) Anesthesia and monitoring
4) Full Mouth Dental X-Rays
5) Ultrasonic Dental Cleaning Above and Below the Gumline
6) Detailed Treatment Plan of Any Additional Dental Treatments To Be Performed At a Later Visit
7) Nail Trim
8) Anal Sac Expression


If our dental exam and x-rays show your pet to need tooth extractions or additional dental treatments, we will provide you the x-rays and/or pictures to demonstrate the need and formulate a detailed, exact estimate for performing the services at a later date. And, for many pets, if no additional treatments are needed after the cleaning, they will go home with fresh breath and clean mouth, and you will know that he/she had a thorough dental cleaning and examination. And best of all, for a price you can afford! If your dog is 7 years old or greater or if your cat is 10 years old or greater, he/she is required to have pre-anesthetic bloodwork performed to give assurance of anesthetic safety for older patients. The bloodwork is an additional $119.99.  Call and schedule an appointment today.